Why I like Google+

If I had to pick my favorite medium or Social Media App right now it would be google+. Although I used Facebook because of connections and business I’m finding a freedom on G+ I don’t find elsewhere.

One reason is the pool is still limited so many of the major influences can be heard over the crowd. I still see a lot of *cough* stupid stuff on local stream such as: Not dunk enough, but overall the people I have in my circles add value to my life.

Unlike twitter, you can post as much as your fingers will type, however I have un-circled a few people who are just using it to re-post their blog posts. Not that some of that is bad, but that’s “ALL” they did and it was about a subject I wasn’t interested in. Had they also made comments on life in general chances are they would still be in my circles.

I love the way video and pictures flow through the stream. Sure, if I circled hundreds of people I might find that overwhelming, but so far it is good. I can watch a video right in the stream. OK so you can do that on facebook as well, but on G+ they don’t have to circle me back.

Seriously, I’ve fallen off the twitter bandwagon. I need to spend a whole day there evaluating who I follow and who adds value to my life. *And* do I add value back. I’m thinking of switching from Seesmic Desktop to Hootsuite so that might help a little. Sorry Seesmic!

See you on G+

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