Creating a Buzz 101

By now I would think everyone and their dog would know about “creating a buzz”. Sometimes I’m reluctant to use the word cause I think it’s so “yesterday”. But when I try to get people together to create a buzz I realize how many people don’t get it.

Let me get really basic for this post. Why are most people in Network Marketing? To earn money. Yes, yes many people put noble causes first but safe to say if they didn’t have the money one way or another they couldn’t do what they are doing.

That means one way or another you have a product/service/idea that you want people to buy.

So you have to have a “call to action” usually to buy the item, get them to visit your website or contact you.

The ultimate call to action is to purchase the product/service, but to get that message across you have to let it be known. Just posting it once or twice here or there is not enough. Also trying to create buzz by yourself is possible but it’s time consuming and may take time away from your other goals.

So what is buzz? It’s energy-excitement-enchantment that is created about an idea/concept/product/service that causes more and more people to take that call to action.

It usually isn’t fast, nor is it always easy, but consistent day to day steps will bring you much closer to buzz than a pot shot here and there.

Here are some suggested first steps:

  • Identify the product/service/idea
  • Write the call to action: What do you want the customer to do?
  • Enlist a group of people who like the product/service/idea to help you
  • Give them clear directions as to what to do and where.

For example, on one of my recent blog posts about an event I attended I asked a group of about 20 people to to comment on that event. Of course I expected “good, constructive” (and of course truthful) comments and it’s OK to put that in your request. I also gave the exact link to the article and let them know first name-last initial was fine.  End result? I received one – uno comment.

If you are in a Network Marketing company that encourages teamwork (some don’t unfortunately) you NEED to help each other out with creating buzz.  Interaction helps your buyer base know there is credibility to your message.  Part of your week should be helping someone out with their buzz, showing their market there is excitement behind the product/service/idea.

Take pictures and post them,. Go places and have fun – and share that fact. Buzz can be fun so let’s get going.

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