It’s not like I’m asking you to donate a Kidney

I like technology, maybe even love it. Not enough to learn coding but I’ll mess around a bit under the hood. However I know there still is a strong, and often vocal, minority (majority?) of people who resist technology like the plague.

I know when I get the old line: “I’m the old fashioned paper and pencil type.” I’m fighting an uphill battle.

So you want to write the next great novel in your moleskin with a #2 pencil? Go for it. But when a group of people decide to use a web based tool to do xyz you gotta go with the crowd or be left behind.

What can I say? It’s like road construction, or learning a new car. It takes a while to get used to the differences but you live, still make it to your destination and might even find something new.

Technology is not always time-saving, and sometimes the latest and greatest fades away to the rise of the new and shiny. However you can’t say it doesn’t work until you give it a try. Often your reluctance to embrace new ideas and new styles will doom your attempt before giving it a fair shake.

I love fancy day runner type planners, but have made the Google tools my standard because of the integration and availability on both computer and phone. Do I ever miss adding little icons or doodles in the margins of my calendar? Of course I do, but I let myself have a new custom built notebook where I can doodle to my hearts content and not worry about leaving it behind when I need it.

So quit giving me the drama you peeps! You know who you are. 😉 It’s not like I’m asking you to donate a kidney.

Objections: What do we Encounter

As with any business when we are looking for new associates we will encounter these objections:

No Money
No Time
Can’t sell
Don’t know anybody
Network Marketing (bad opinion)

When you craft your vision statement or are working on extended “Elevator Speeches” you need to address these objections in your own journey. (Hopefully you had some.) So you can say –
Even though I was a stay at home mom . .
I never thought I was a salesman and thankfully it’s not selling . .
Network marketing has the backing of many successful financial experts . . .

I’ll add some more information on this topic.