OK are you YOU or your DOG? Your Avatar

OK are you YOU or your DOG? Your Avatar

If you are anywhere on the internet you probably have uploaded a picture of yourself which is called an avatar. Sorry it does not bestow you magical powers to move wind, earth and fire but it does have some properties of its own.

This is advice intended for people establising themselves as a brand, expert or business. If you are on the internet to have fun you can stop reading now – or read on and poke fun at your friends – well, maybe.

Bottom line. If you are a “Brand, Company Rep, CEO or Expert in any field your picture needs to be

  • Professional
    Updated only when your general appearance changes (such in age, weight, hair color etc.)

In other worlds STOP:

  • Pictures with other people
    Fully Body Shots
    Changing whenever cause you bought a new dress, suit, sweater etc.

A confused customer says NO! So don’t confuse your market with an ever changing avatar. Keep it the same! Yes, you are going to have to be creative somewhere else but your business will thank you!.

You can have as many pictures as you want in your blog, Facebook pictures etc. but keep that little square image of yourself consistent.

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