How To Treat Media Right

A lot of people know a good deal when they see it but darn there are times you wonder where people’s heads are. Take, for instance the media event I am at now. I am supposed to be positive, writing glowing praise and giddy with excitement. However I’m in a drafty tent with one outlet next to a band AND had to go run down a chair to be able to do my stuff.

So, how do you treat media right? Especially if they are providing free or barter services here are some things to consider:

  • Media now days often includes computers, lights, etc. so allow close parking and easy access to the site.
  • Electrical outlets – yeah nuff said. Most people with equipment will bring extension cords or power strips but they need something to plug it into.
  • Press Kits – even a one page info sheet on who what when where why.
  • Bottled water at least is nice if not a few munchies.
  • Consideration for noise. Don’t put media right next to the entertainment or loudspeakers. If we are trying to do some interviews we (and you) would like clean first takes where people can be heard.
Anything else?  Sound Off!
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