Organzied for 2014

Recently at a workshop on personal productivity I was introduced to a way of organization and workflow called a KANBAN board. (list of books on the subject) Kanban Books

During the workshop we did an exercise where we wrote down what we have to get done in 2014. As I reviewed my list I saw a recurring theme of, yes you guessed it, organization. This came in the form of

  • clearing clutter
  • finishing projects
  • moving current projects forward
  • avoiding any new shiny objects that would distract me

One of those projects is rebranding (yet again) of this, my signature website to reflect two goals:

  • Sharing my knowledge and journey of organization, communication and wellness
  • Rewarding both reader and myself with quality content, helpful suggestions of items and if possible, affiliate links to these items so if you do purchase them we both win

Another important part of the workshop was grounding ourselves in the “now” or present.   Too often those of us with organizational challenges are trying to multi task and we split our mind energy into several areas which takes away from the focus on the task at hand.

I’ve read some funny posts and stories in the past of the cycle of going off in tangents only to arrive back to the original task still undone.  If I come across those I’ll share them with you for a smile. So add to the list of “to do” exercises in being grounded and working in the “now”.

As for this venture I am not by nature a writer.  I am a communicator and I do much better in the spoken realm but, darn it, search engines like the written word so much better.  So at the risk of spelling faux pas, grammatical inconsistencies and a wacky spell check I’m going to start 2014 with a leap of faith and go for it!  Join me on this organization journey and let’s do this thing!