Less vs. Organized

It would be nice if with every purchase of any item we automatically had a storage spot for it. OK if you are organized good for you and congrats but some of us are still working on it! 🙂 So,  is it better to organize what you have or to have less of what you have so you can organize what you have. Hummm, that sounded a little redundant, or even confusing.

I think it’s because it’s different for every person.  As hard as it is to believe, some people don’t have “stuff” hobbies.  Which means they like to spend their time with other people or watching the TV or going out.  Then there are those of us who went from one hobby to another hoping to find that one in which we would be the next superstar. Yarn crafts, water colors, calligraphy, sewing or quilting or the wood/metal crafts, we bought starter kit after starter kit with glee.

So where do you find yourself now?  With lots of little boxes full of “stuff” , everything in it’s place or in between?

Years ago I had to make a decision to stop bringing home “stuff”.  I adapted the rule of one in – one out, meaning with everything I brought in I had to get rid of something.  This really helped but eventually I was left with the stuff I already had.  Some of it was tossed, some stored (and needs to be dealt with, and some organized.

Now that my hobbies are more on the internet (reading e-books, building websites and doing workshops) I look at things a bit differently. Don’t get me wrong, I still have to avoid places like Hobby Lobby, Michaels Crafts and Fabric stores as the temptation to buy is still there.

So I vote for: it’s easier to organize “less stuff”. The best thing you can fill your house or office with is space.

So what’s worked in your life?