To-Do Lists (again)

In all the years I’ve been alive I’ve been fascinated by to-do lists. Which makes me an expert – – – NOT! 🙂  I think I like the the thought of lists neatly written, organized and then checked off one by one, like some people dream of winning the lottery. You have to “enter” or buy a ticket to win the lottery and you have to actually “write” the to-do list to get anything done.

So we can create a to-do list via:

  • paper and pencil
  • mini sized on tablets/phone
  • Big sized on spreadsheets on you Desktop computer

I love tech options. Goodness knows there are a gazillion choices out there and they don’t fall off your desk or get coffee soaked. Their challenge is versatility.  If you have your to-do list on a phone app and find it is out of power and you can’t get to it, that is major frustration.

So for those of us who need to organize our to-do lists what are some suggestions:

Paper:  Have a safe spot to stash. Close enough to reach but out of the way of spills and chaos.

Consider using a flexible system so you can store a pen and stash some notes.

Mead – Cambridge City Zipper Binder, Microfiber, 12 3/4″ x 11″, Assorted Colors
Canvas Home Basics Design Project Organizer
Pendaflex Pilesmart Project Sorter, 10 Sections, Letter Size, 1 Each (50995)

Or if worse comes to worse get a zipper pouch to put all the bits and pieces in:
Zipper Pouches on Amazon

On to on-line/electronic/app type to-do lists suggestions:

  • Get one that is cross platform – meaning you can use it on Ipads, Android and Windows etc.
  • Start with Free – yes there are some worth spending some money but until you are sure, try some free ones. Read the reviews to see what features people like and what drives them nuts.
  • Make sure you like the look and it does what you want. If you get frustrated using it you will not continue. If you have to spend too much time figuring it out you might not come back!

To-Do List Apps on Amazon

And last but not least for futher reading some book suggestions:
To-Do List Books on Amazon