We interrupt this organizational blog for a short post on Candida.  As I mentioned the other day, eating well, keeping stress in check and getting enough sleep all help keep you balanced and ready to tackle those daily tasks and to-dos.

 One of the hallmarks of the SAD (Standard American Diet) is that many people consume too much refined sugar.  Sugar, or glucose, is what the body uses for fuel, unless you are ketogenic (but that’s another topic) so when people say they are giving up “sugar” that’s really not what they mean. What you do mean is you are giving up high carbs and substituting medium amounts of protein and healthy fats, which is proving to be a great alternative eating plan.

OK back to Candida, and more specific Candida albicans, which is a yeast which is the most common cause of fungal infections.  Thing is that we have Candida in and on us all the time.  Heck we have a lot of germs and bad things on us all the time but it’s when our immune system becomes unbalanced and overwhelmed and we get sick or develop a yeast infection.

Yes us ladies understand “yeast infections” and they are not fun.  

Many symptoms such as fatigue, bloating, constipation, mood swings, allergies etc. can be from candida but can also be due to other causes so if you want to know for sure you need a blood test.

If you want to work on it anyway, say you just finished a round of antibiotics (a big trigger of yeast overgrowth) there are some good practices which honestly we should be doing anyway.

  • Give up the donuts! Cookies, cakes, white bread, pasta, potatoes – yeah all the good stuff

  • Anything with high sugar is a no-no. Sodas, Fruit Juices, Sweet Tea all no!

  • Take a good quality probiotics (self promo My Fav Probiotics Here) every day

  • Keep working on balance in the rest of your life such as

    • good sleep,

    • avoid chemical cleaners and

    • paint fumes and

    • do appropriate exercise.

There are also anti-fungal herbs and some prescriptions you can get from your Doctor if you find you have a yeast problem.  These advanced products should be used with the supervision of an experienced Herbalist or Your Health Practitioner.  

Personally I like to use Apple Cider Vinegar (organic) before going to bed. Actually I don’t like it at all but I “Love” the benefits!  I add some other goodies, a little water and take it as a shot followed by a big water chaser.  This helps balance the pH of the body and tell yeast it’s not welcome!

Bringing a yeast overgrowth down to a healthier level is not fast and can cause some temporary side effects from yeast die-off.  You can find eating plans that can jump start the process but make sure you do it on a weekend of time where you do not have any important plans! You may not be in the best of moods during this time. Good luck!