Really? Still in 2014

OK I know – it’s not getting better – in fact today I read/watched an article/video that brought up the same subject.

It really saddens me that in 2014 we are still dealing with the “objectification” of women. According to wikipedia:

In social philosophyobjectification means treating a person as a thing, without regard to their dignity.

According to the philosopher Martha Nussbaum, a person is objectified if they are treated:[1]

Just a while ago (as of this writing) here in San Antonio the local TedX community had a session on “Redefining Beauty”. I didn’t go because I’ve never had a big problem in being female. I was blessed to have a lot of “gender neutral” experiences growing up, but obviously that is not the case for everyone.

So what does this have to do with organization or being a messie?  Well, humm, there is something there lurking in my brain. I guess that women need to realize that despite the “equality” push of the last few decades we can’t expect gender neutrality in all areas – in fact bias and negative practices against women are growing.

What are some things that I’ve been pondering?

  • Pepper Spray – make sure it’s legal in your area to carry
  • Self Defense courses – why not take a few?
  • Know your surroundings, have an escape plan and don’t put yourself in a vulnerable position
  • To heck with fashion or self expression – dress comfortable but conservative – don’t be “eye” candy – it’s not worth it these days when some cultures teach that “eye candy” is free for the taking!

I’ll finish with this interesting video –