December Journaling

December Journaling

I’m not much of a writer as you can see by the infrequent blog posts.  I love talking to people but writing is a different skill set.  All that aside though I am excited to do my December Journaling.  Years ago I used to be very invested in the December Christmas season.  Choir rehearsals, programs, caroling, recitals all kept me busy and in the Christmas spirit.

As time passed and family traditions changed I found myself adrift, trying to get in the spirit and by the time December 25th came around I’d be like WAIT!  I’m not in the Spirit of the Season yet!  Yes that didn’t work and all I knew was some kind of giving guilt because things weren’t like they used to be in a land far far away.

So this December I already have my journaling cards and pages and I am challenging myself as a labor of love to take each day and do something special.

If you’d like to journal as well let me know and we can set up a group to encourage each other.  I bought my kit here : Click This  but you don’t have to have a kit to journal – it just makes it more festive 🙂  Best!

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