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Objections: What do we Encounter

As with any business when we are looking for new associates we will encounter these objections:

No Money
No Time
Can’t sell
Don’t know anybody
Network Marketing (bad opinion)

When you craft your vision statement or are working on extended “Elevator Speeches” you need to address these objections in your own journey. (Hopefully you had some.) So you can say –
Even though I was a stay at home mom . .
I never thought I was a salesman and thankfully it’s not selling . .
Network marketing has the backing of many successful financial experts . . .

I’ll add some more information on this topic.

Why I like Google+

If I had to pick my favorite medium or Social Media App right now it would be google+. Although I used Facebook because of connections and business I’m finding a freedom on G+ I don’t find elsewhere.

One reason is the pool is still limited so many of the major influences can be heard over the crowd. I still see a lot of *cough* stupid stuff on local stream such as: Not dunk enough, but overall the people I have in my circles add value to my life.

Unlike twitter, you can post as much as your fingers will type, however I have un-circled a few people who are just using it to re-post their blog posts. Not that some of that is bad, but that’s “ALL” they did and it was about a subject I wasn’t interested in. Had they also made comments on life in general chances are they would still be in my circles.

I love the way video and pictures flow through the stream. Sure, if I circled hundreds of people I might find that overwhelming, but so far it is good. I can watch a video right in the stream. OK so you can do that on facebook as well, but on G+ they don’t have to circle me back.

Seriously, I’ve fallen off the twitter bandwagon. I need to spend a whole day there evaluating who I follow and who adds value to my life. *And* do I add value back. I’m thinking of switching from Seesmic Desktop to Hootsuite so that might help a little. Sorry Seesmic!

See you on G+