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How Much Do You Want to Be Known?

At the writing of this article both Facebook and Google+ have undergone some new changes. In fact the radical shift in Facebook has caused many people to chime in with their dislikes all the way from mild disinterestedness to downright closing their accounts.

Google+ has opened to the public so you can join without an invitation. Now that the masses can join, the early adopters are waiting for the new public versions of spam.

In watching all the back and forth I realize that everyone has a different view on just what to say and why on these public networks so let’s review some basics.

1) What you say on the internet is there forever and you don’t know how people are going to take what you said. For example: “I ate chicken for dinner.” shouldn’t get you into too much trouble unless you are in a situation you shouldn’t be eating meat. “I ate chicken for dinner with Lavonne.” establishes you have a relationship with that person, which should be OK as long as they don’t have any outstanding warrants. Keep adding more information and you increase the potential for some interesting interpretations of what you did/said.

2) There are privacy settings. Sometimes I check into places in public when I’m with someone, endorse where I’ve been or I”m at a business function and want to create a small buzz about my business. Other than that I usually check into places using an app that broadcasts the message only to the people I’ve allowed to see my stream. If I’m somewhere I don’t want anyone to know – like getting that triple dip chocolate mocha coconut extreme – I don’t let anyone know.

3) Don’t do anything at first. Usually when things change it’s best to take a breather, let the experts dig into the changes and wait until they post the down and dirty. Sure enough someone will blog, podcast, make a video or graphic on the changes that can put things into perspective.

4) Spam is Spam. Out and out messages to buy buy buy are wrong. The other day a person jumped into the middle of a conversation about a musician and gave the link to his website. When people mildly but directly pointed out this was spam the person actually was insulted, saying it was OK to take free advertising wherever you can get it. I can imagine the amount of “Spam reports” made on this person’s comments. Did he sell anything or get any click through? Possibly but anyone that went to that site put themselves at risk for a virus or rip-off.

5) The Best of You! Many people have down days, get ill or have misfortune, but your collective posting on social media sites paints the picture of a you that may be the only picture some people see. So even though you are transparent, make sure the picture is a good mix of who you are and points more to the best of you than the worst. You never know when you are going to meet or get an opportunity to do business with someone.

It’s not like I’m asking you to donate a Kidney

I like technology, maybe even love it. Not enough to learn coding but I’ll mess around a bit under the hood. However I know there still is a strong, and often vocal, minority (majority?) of people who resist technology like the plague.

I know when I get the old line: “I’m the old fashioned paper and pencil type.” I’m fighting an uphill battle.

So you want to write the next great novel in your moleskin with a #2 pencil? Go for it. But when a group of people decide to use a web based tool to do xyz you gotta go with the crowd or be left behind.

What can I say? It’s like road construction, or learning a new car. It takes a while to get used to the differences but you live, still make it to your destination and might even find something new.

Technology is not always time-saving, and sometimes the latest and greatest fades away to the rise of the new and shiny. However you can’t say it doesn’t work until you give it a try. Often your reluctance to embrace new ideas and new styles will doom your attempt before giving it a fair shake.

I love fancy day runner type planners, but have made the Google tools my standard because of the integration and availability on both computer and phone. Do I ever miss adding little icons or doodles in the margins of my calendar? Of course I do, but I let myself have a new custom built notebook where I can doodle to my hearts content and not worry about leaving it behind when I need it.

So quit giving me the drama you peeps! You know who you are. 😉 It’s not like I’m asking you to donate a kidney.

Why I like Google+

If I had to pick my favorite medium or Social Media App right now it would be google+. Although I used Facebook because of connections and business I’m finding a freedom on G+ I don’t find elsewhere.

One reason is the pool is still limited so many of the major influences can be heard over the crowd. I still see a lot of *cough* stupid stuff on local stream such as: Not dunk enough, but overall the people I have in my circles add value to my life.

Unlike twitter, you can post as much as your fingers will type, however I have un-circled a few people who are just using it to re-post their blog posts. Not that some of that is bad, but that’s “ALL” they did and it was about a subject I wasn’t interested in. Had they also made comments on life in general chances are they would still be in my circles.

I love the way video and pictures flow through the stream. Sure, if I circled hundreds of people I might find that overwhelming, but so far it is good. I can watch a video right in the stream. OK so you can do that on facebook as well, but on G+ they don’t have to circle me back.

Seriously, I’ve fallen off the twitter bandwagon. I need to spend a whole day there evaluating who I follow and who adds value to my life. *And* do I add value back. I’m thinking of switching from Seesmic Desktop to Hootsuite so that might help a little. Sorry Seesmic!

See you on G+