From A Seed 2 Success

This is the membership application for a Mentoring/Mastermind Group for small businesses (especially Direct Sales) in San Antonio, TX (and cities nearby)  Please do not apply unless you are in the General San Antonio Metro Area as we may have “in person” events from time to time.

We will post and discuss:

  • Articles on personal growth with an eye on business success
  • Tips and trainings from professional MLM/DS experts
  • Weekly (or daily) challenges to develop skills to succeed
  • Feedback (given in a loving perspective)

We are NOT:

  • A Sales group
  • A place to ask and not give
  • Miracle workers
  • Place to complain (although we all vent time to time)
  • A substitute for a professional coach

We are:

  • A safe space
  • What goes on in the group stays in the group (however use discretion)
  • Here to give each other ideas and suggestions

Members understand that everyone will be at a different stage of business development.  Sometimes some members will not be ready to hear or put into action the next step.  Except for policies or practices that violate terms of service of Facebook, your Direct Sales company etc., we all need to remain teachable.

We have a monthly cost share to pay for our zoom room, provide tools and materials (when possible) and to provide the group Admin a small compensation for time.  This is done by a monthly paypal subscription.  Members may cancel the subscription at any time and leave the group (Please don’t ask admin to stop your payment – you can google or ask how to do it yourself)

Current cost share is $5.50 a month  Once you have submitted your application and started your subscription/payment please go to and request membership:  Current secret word is StepsDone  If your facebook name/profile is different from what you use on this application please let us know.  Thanks!

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