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Goals for End of 2014

August 2014 saw me attend the annual International Convention for USANA. During a team meeting we shared what gems or take-aways we thought important.

What hit me the most was the encouragement to live the #USANALifestyle and living life to the fullest. I realized that the last few years with my daughter’s (and family’s) child custody saga had drained me. Stress creeps up on you little by little affecting your sleep, immune system and overall happiness.

So my main goal for the rest of 2014 is to rediscover me. Fill my life with love, positive thoughts and purpose. I also need to rediscover routines and good habits that fell by the wayside. Even simple things like getting to bed on time, taking my supplements on a regular basis and doing the dishes before they take over the kitchen!

Do you need to take some time to rediscover yourself? Let’s do it together!

Fish Oil – what the Fish?

Everyone is crazy about Fish Oil.  I’m not – but then I do include healthy oils like coconut.  OK maybe I do care about fish oil but maybe it’s not as sexy as some of the other healthy supplements such as Vit D or CoQ10.

Anyway I do use fish oil from time to time, mostly when I swipe a supplement pack from my hub’s box as I have the above mentioned CoQ10 in mine as a substitute.  So here is a video on the stuff I use and yes! BUY from Me! 😀  www.getfitsa.usana.com to get your Fish Oil, or Vit. D or even some CoQ10!