300 Daily Words

This year I have challenged myself to write at least 300 words in a blog post every weekday.  Now I am not a natural writer. I love to talk and have done podcasts but for blogs, you have to have things written for your posts to be able to “talk” to google search.

One of the greatest obstacles I’ve had to overcome is a sense of perfection. Or as some call it – the paralysis of analysis.  Meaning if I don’t have something so earth shattering to say why say anything at all?

Upon further reflection I see this also in my approach to cleaning and clutter. Why do I walk past the odd scrap of paper without picking it up?  Why don’t I hand wash the odd plate or glass instead of waiting until I have a full load for the dishwasher?

Such small things wouldn’t matter except as we know, many small things a disaster makes. Suddenly, so it seems, there are a dozen or more small scraps of paper and two loads of dishes for the wash.  How can this happen and happen so often?

Yes, messies often get bored with routine and with everyday ho hum repetitive chores. But like it or not, we have to have a plan and somewhere, somehow keep a sense of perspective.

Recently I’ve been reading about adults with ADD/ADHD and while I’m not going to go so far as to say all of us have that condition, I find that doing a search on ADD and time management reveals a lot of similarities. In fact I think that topic deserves it’s own post – or even series of them!

So what daily task do you need to focus on today?  Challenge yourself to do small but meaningful actions that will either prevent or deal with a organizational mess and let someone know who can cheer you on.

And with that I have my 300 Daily Words! 🙂