Eat Well

I have a challenge in eating well. To eat well in my life means to do a lot of things I don’t really want to do. However you’d think that by now I’d know that eating right makes a happy body – which makes a happy day and we get more done in a happy day.

So what do we need to do to eat well? If we take a quick look at what is available we see many more fruits, veggies and meats than anytime before in history.  However row after row in the grocery store is filled with anti-food. Food that not only gives us very little nutritional value but also tricks our mind and taste buds into craving it.  Crazy? maybe a little but I won’t be surprised if we find that many food manufacturers spend money not only on packaging and production but also in finding any cheap and easy way to make their foods addictive.

I take and recommend a daily multi-vitamin/mineral product and supplement with extra Vit. D and CoQ10 and I believe everyone should be on at least the basics.  Personal Plug: Vits that work

However you have to drink clean water, reduce stress, get good sleep AND eat well for things to work in balance.

So when you eat something naughty – take a moment and think why.  Was it quick because you let yourself get hungry? Was it emotional eating? Could you have made a healthier version but cooking was out of the question because of an unorganized or dirty kitchen?

I know this is a stretch, but when you don’t feel good you don’t have to take on those tasks you don’t want to. So.o.o maybe we need a little self love, self talk and self discovery? Or maybe it was just a one time thing.  Whichever it is – I encourage you – and me – to eat well because we deserve to “be” well.